As I said last time, the TSG DIS/rupt exhibition in Stroud was a two gallery venture. The photographs I showed in the previous post were all gallery shots from the Landsdown Gallery so this time I’m showing some from The Museum in The Park, a short walk away from the Landsdown. Set within a beautiful urban park with wonderful trees and all the other facilities of a civic space, The Museum in The Park gallery space was large and showed off the work very well. However visitors arriving at the gallery to see DIS/rupt would first of all see Ruth Issett’s outdoor piece. Ruth was considering the effects of climate change and in particular the alteration of weather patterns.

However, here are some photographs of the gallery in The Museum in The Park – enjoy. More photographs to follow. #DISrupt #selectfestival2017 @SITselect


DIS/rupt – The Museum in The Park