Like the buses, one post written and another right behind it. Some months ago,  last year in the Autumn, I was approached by a German magazine, Patchwork Professional, about an artist profile article, which was exciting. I immediately emailed back to say that I was not a patchworker, but I was assured that while many of the articles were patchwork related, they did also publish articles of a broader textile art interest for their readership. Over the months images were sent and the article was written but because of the gaps of weeks between, it was something of a surprise when I opened the package last month and held the magazine in my hands for the first time. The text of course is in German but helpfully I have a translation but to my pleasure the images and text stretch to three full page spreads.

Patchwork Professional magazine

There’s always a bit of me surprised when something like this happens but I enjoy the moment and it’s always all the more exciting coming as it does, out of the blue. So thank you, Patchwork Professional and Dorothee who guided me through the process.

Another snippet