Last week we enjoyed a lovely few days up at Gairloch in the far north west of Scotland. Those who maybe know of the world famous Inverewe Gardens will know where I mean but for anyone who has not been to give you an idea – standing on the beach you look out to the Isle of Skye, 28 miles away, and we even saw the Outer Hebrides of Lewis and Harris, a mere 48 miles. So basically it is as far to the west of Scotland that it is almost possible to visit.

It is an area of staggering beauty and personally represents everything that was good about my childhood as it was here we came every year to spend two weeks living on a croft. I think I ran wild for the whole two weeks – fed orphaned lambs with milk from a bottle, collected eggs from the hens,  played on amazing beaches which we usually had to ourselves and first learned about wild flowers and sealife.

After a break of several years we decided to return with our young dog and what a lovely week we had. The weather was the best we could have hoped for – warm and with blue skies which made walking with Bess the dog a real pleasure. There were midges, but we’ll gloss over them. Sensible precautions helped where they were concerned.

One of things that I loved was the wonderful range of natural colour I saw everywhere but especially on the foreshore or beach.

But what a range of colours and what a source of inspiration for textiles.

The colour of the foreshore

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  • 10/09/2018 at 8:33 pm

    Great photographs. Seashores are my favourite places at the moment

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